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Saab-Fairchild 340

No. Of Engines:2
Aircraft Type:Turbo Prop
Passenger Capacity (Max):39
Passenger Capacity (Min):20
Range (in Miles):920
Cruising Speed (MPH):300
Payload Capacity (in Lbs):8,555
Takeoff Weight (in Lbs):29,000
Body Type:
Cabin Type:pressurized

The Saab 340 entered service in 1984 after an intensive four-year development program. Since then, the 340 has been continually modified and refined in response to customer needs. The low-wing, twin-turboprop 340 was designed to service major airline hubs as well as operating on regional point-to-point routes. Today the Saab 340 is the world's most popular regional airliner in the 20 to 39 seat category.

Saab Aircraft has an inovative history in both the military and commercial aircraft industries. Today it is a major producer of civilian regional aircraft.

Other aircraft | Discount Airline Tickets | Private Plane Charters