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No. Of Engines:1
Aircraft Type:Helicopter
Passenger Capacity (Max):14
Passenger Capacity (Min):3
Range (in Miles):465
Cruising Speed (MPH):161
Takeoff Weight (in Lbs):11,200

Bell offers a wide range of commmercial Helicopters.

Bell Aircraft Corporation, founded by Larry Bell, is famous as the manufacturer of the P-59 (America's first jet airplane) and the X-1 (the world's first super- sonic plane). After years of development, the Bell 47B, a descendant of the original model 30 helicopter invented by Arthur Young, became the first commercially licensed helicopter in the world. By 1951, Bell helicopters were in service around the world, in both commercial and military roles. In 1960 Bell Helicopter Corporation was purchases by Textron, of which it is still a major subsidiary. Bell Helicopters now fly in more than 100 countries around the world and a Bell Model 47 hangs in the entrance to the Architecture and Design wing of New York's Museum of Modern Art.

Other aircraft | Discount Airline Tickets | Private Plane Charters