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Aerospatiale ATR-72

No. Of Engines:2
Aircraft Type:Turbo Prop
Passenger Capacity (Max):74
Passenger Capacity (Min):64
Range (in Miles):1.657
Cruising Speed (MPH):286
Payload Capacity (in Lbs):15,763
Takeoff Weight (in Lbs):44,070
Cabin Type:pressurized

The ATR family of aircraft provides feeder service to major airlines throughout the USA as well as point to point services throughout the world. With a total of 485 aircraft ordered, the ATR family represents 53% of the world market for turbo-props in the 40 to 70 seat catagory.

Aero International (Regional), or AI(R), is a joint venture between Aerospatiale (of France), Alenia (of Italy), and British Aerospace. Within AI(R), which is based in the French city of Toulouse, the parent companies have merged the marketing, sales, customer support, and product development activities of the Aeropatiale-Alenia ATR programme and two British Aerospace companies, Avro International Aerospace and Jetstream Aircraft.

Other aircraft | Discount Airline Tickets | Private Plane Charters