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Boeing 767

No. Of Engines:2
Aircraft Type:Jet
Passenger Capacity (Max):290
Passenger Capacity (Min):211
Range (in Miles):7660
Cruising Speed (MPH):550
Payload Capacity (in Lbs):69,000
Takeoff Weight (in Lbs):312,000
Body Type:widebody
Cabin Type:pressurized

Prodcution design of the fuel-efficient, medium-to-short range twinjet began in 1978 when United Airlines placed an order for 30 of such aircraft. The first 767-200, designed to be the first wide-body aircraft to fly short and medium routes, was delivered to United in mid-1982. The larger 767-300 series was launched in 1983 and the first airplane was delivered to Japan Airlines in September of 1986. Following the release of both the 200 and 300 series, an extended range version of each was developed to allow the plane to service longer routes. As of 1996, the 591 767s in service had carried 795 million passengers on 4.8 million flights and today, the 767 crosses the Atlantic more than any other airplane type.

William E. Boeing produced his fist two B&Ws (a single-engine seaplane) in 1916 and the following year, the U.S. Navy ordered 50 of Boeings next model (the two-seat model C trainer)to serve in in World War I. Boeing continued to make airplanes, both commercial and military, producing such famous models as the Pan American "Clipper" flying boat and the "Stratoliner" (first pressurized cabin). In World War II, Boeing became an integral part of the allied effort by building the B-17 and B29 bombers.

Other aircraft | Discount Airline Tickets | Private Plane Charters