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Boeing 747-200

No. Of Engines:4
Aircraft Type:Jet
Passenger Capacity (Max):569
Passenger Capacity (Min):374
Range (in Miles):6,500
Cruising Speed (MPH):557
Payload Capacity (in Lbs):134,000
Takeoff Weight (in Lbs):875,000
Body Type:widebody
Cabin Type:pressurized

Boeing launched its 747 program in 1966 when Pan Am placed an order for 25 of the giant double-decker jets. 30 years later (as of 1996), the 747 is still the largest commercial airliner ever built. After delivering 167 of the original 747-100s, Boeing moved on to the more powerful 747-100B and then delivered 225 of the 747-200 series which carried a standard load of 374 passengers. These early models have as many as 971 lights, switches, and gauges on the flight deck. In 1983 the modernized 747-300s entered commercial service with an extended upper deck and more fuel-efficient engines. The latest, and largest, version of the 747 was put into service by Northwest Airlines in early 1990. These 747-400s typically carry 420 passengers as far as 8,000 miles and feature 6-foot-high winglets as well as an even longer upper deck. Plans for a still larger 747-500 are underway. With well over 1000 747s delivered, the fleet has carried more than 1.8 billion passengers for more than 24.7 billion miles. Two 747-200s serve as presidential airplanes (Air Force Ones) and another was modified to shuttle the U.S. space shuttle between California and Florida.

Today, with jets in operation for carriers in 120 different countries, Boeing is best known as the

Other aircraft | Discount Airline Tickets | Private Plane Charters