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Boeing 747-100

No. Of Engines:4
Aircraft Type:Jet
Passenger Capacity (Max):450
Passenger Capacity (Min):374
Range (in Miles):6,500
Cruising Speed (MPH):557
Takeoff Weight (in Lbs):875,000
Body Type:widebody
Cabin Type:pressurized

Boeing launched its 747 program in 1966 when Pan Am placed an order for 25 of the giant double-decker jets. 30 years later (as of 1996), the 747 is still the largest commercial airliner ever built. After delivering 167 of the original 747-100s, Boeing moved on to the more powerful 747-100B and then delivered 225 of the 747-200 series which carried a standard load of 374 passengers. These early models have as many as 971 lights, switches, and gauges on the flight deck. In 1983 the modernized 747-300s entered commercial service with an extended upper deck and more fuel-efficient engines. The latest, and largest, version of the 747 was put into service by Northwest Airlines in early 1990. These 747-400s typically carry 420 passengers as far as 8,000 miles and feature 6-foot-high winglets as well as an even longer upper deck. Plans for a still larger 747-500 are underway. With well over 1000 747s delivered, the fleet has carried more than 1.8 billion passengers for more than 24.7 billion miles. Two 747-200s serve as presidential airplanes (Air Force Ones) and another was modified to shuttle the U.S. space shuttle between California and Florida.

William E. Boeing produced his fist two B&Ws (a single- engine seaplane) in 1916 and the following year, the

Other aircraft | Discount Airline Tickets | Private Plane Charters