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Boeing 727-200

No. Of Engines:3
Aircraft Type:Jet
Passenger Capacity (Max):189
Passenger Capacity (Min):145
Range (in Miles):2,400
Cruising Speed (MPH):622
Payload Capacity (in Lbs):40,670
Takeoff Weight (in Lbs):170,000
Body Type:
Cabin Type:pressurized

On December 5, 1960 Boeing announced the production of its 727, the first commercial three engine jet. United and Eastern Airlines immediately placed orders for 40 apiece, the first of which (727-100s) entered service in 1964. Its unprecedented low-speed landing and takeoff performance along with its luxuriously wide fuselage would make the 727 by far the most popular aircraft in the world through the first 35 years of jet transportation. In 1967 the 727-200 was introduced with a 20-foot-longer fuselage which could accomodate up to 189 passengers. Over the years the 727-200 was continually modified and by January 1983 orders had reached 1,831, all of which were delivered to 101 different customers. As of June 30, 1996, more than 1,521 of these were still in service and by July 1991, these planes had carried almost 3.7 billion passengers. On January 13, 1991, the first 727 built (delivered on Oct. 6 1964) was retired after almost 33 years of continual service with United Airlines.

William E. Boeing produced his fist two B&Ws (a single- engine seaplane) in 1916 and the following year, the U.S. Navy ordered 50 of Boeings next model (the two- seat model C trainer)to serve in in World War I. Boeing continued to make airplanes, both commercial and military, producing such famous models as the Pan American "Clipper" flying boat and the "Stratoliner" (first pressurized cabin). In World War II, Boeing became an integral part of the allied effort by building the B-17 and B29 bombers. In the post-war era, Boeing continued making military aircraft such as the B-47 and B-52 bombers but also recognized the huge market for commercial jet aircraft and thus developed the 707 which would help revolutionize air travel. Today, with jets in operation for carriers in 120 different countries, Boeing is best known as the world's largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft. The Boeing company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and employs approximately 120,000 people. In recent years, Boeing has consistently been one of the top three exporters in the United States.

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